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Estimation of optimal lysine in quail chicks during the second and third weeks of age. Italian Journal of Animal Science. 12:e84: 518-522.

An experiment was conducted to assess the optimal levels of dietary lysine (Lys) in Japanese quail from 7 to 21 days of age. A dose-response diet was formulated to be adequate in all amino acid concentrations with the exception of Lys. Different levels of supplemental L-Lysine.HCl were added to the doseresponse diet at the expense of corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, and NaCl to create 6 levels of Lys ranged from 0.91% to 1.51% in diet. Optimal Lys for feed conversion ratio, breast meat yield, and leg meat yield were estimated at 1.15%, 1.21%, and 1.16% of diet, respectively, based on linear broken-line regression. With quadratic broken-line regression, the Lys requirements for body weight gain, feed conversion ratio, thigh meat yield, and breast meat yield were estimated at 1.27%, 1.21%, 1.32%, and 1.34% of diet, respectively. Overall, Lys requirements of starting Japanese quail may be at least 1.34% of diet for optimizing carcass attributes fed low-CP dose-response diet.

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